Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Evaluation - Question 3

Audience Feedback

I chose to ask 4 members of my target audience to view my video and both of my print tasks. I then asked them individually 6 questions covering all three pieces of my finished work.

These 6 questions were:
  1. Do you think that the video fits within its genre of music?
  2. Does the performance appear convincing?
  3. Would you buy the song based on the video? Why?
  4. Would you buy the song/album based on the Print Productions? Why?
  5. Does it remind you of any other videos/ media texts?
  6. What would you change about the video or print products? Why?

What I have learnt?

In a large amount of the feedback I received I noticed that my work had affected the target audience on an emotional level, this was more prominent in the performance question; many said that the acting bought out the emotions within the song. This was the feeling I was trying to connote when making the video therefore I expected the reaction of the audience to be similar to this, I included the close up shots of the singer for this reason (so that her emotions could be portrayed clearly).

I believe that my target audience read into the narrative of the video extremely well which again added to the emotion within the feedback. They all understood the concept that I was trying to portray through the narrative. I think that my video falls into the 'preferred reading' section of David Morley's Cultural Studies approach because of this, the lyrics in the song connote a love story therefore that is what I chose to include within my narrative. However I did leave room for the audience to be active in what they thought the video was trying to connote because throughout the video there is no solid story line about what the girl is thinking/doing; it isn't until the very end that we are introduced to the male role.

Also through the use of my advertisement I have allowed for the audience to be active and acknowledge a hidden meaning behind it, Although there is still an element of power from a media point of view within my advertisement; this is because the target audience (girls 13-20) feel they need to connect and buy these types of albums because they contain a typical love story and relate to them on a personal level.

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